Increasingly vacationers are finding and booking “anti-hotel” accommodations as they travel. There are so many options from dorms in hostels to surfing couches to rooms in a local’s apartment or even entire condos, townhomes, or villas. These last three (condos, townhomes, and villas) are your vacation home rentals. They are what we are considering today.

What is a vacation home rental?

A vacation home rental usually a condo, town house, or villa that you can rent for a short term stay. They are often owned by an individual or couple often as a second home. The owner does not live in the home all year long. They often will come and visit, or let their friends or family visit, but most weeks of the year the home would be empty. So, the owners will offer the home for short term rental.

These homes are often so nice and luxurious. See the section below about amenities.

Why should I stay in a vacation home?

Why not? Do you like the idea of having a complete home for vacation? Would you like to have a full kitchen with all the cooking equipment you need? Do you Value your privacy? Do you want separate bedrooms for the kids? How about a games room where the kids can hang out, or you for that matter? How about a personal chef for a week? How about your own swimming pool? Or a hot tub?

If that isn’t enough enticement for you, stay tuned to this site! Well give you a lot more reasons in the coming weeks!


You may have answered the question, “Why not?” with the thought, “Sounds super expensive! That’s why not!” Of course, prices per night for a vacation rental will vary. But often you will find they are right in line with or even cheaper than a hotel rate. With the larger homes you can bring your friends or family and share the cost, if you want to. So don’t let the notion that costs will be prohibitive. If that was your thought, have a look. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Where are they?

Where are vacation home rentals? Well, where are hotels? Just about everywhere, right? So are vacation homes. The usual places you might first think of where you could find a vacation home rental is a place that sees a lot of tourists. So there are rentals in Paris, London, New York, Orlando, Miami, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Aspen, Toronto, Sao Paolo, Rio, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Beijing, etc. Not all vacation homes are in or near larger cities. Many are in smaller towns or even rural areas.

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Where can you book them?

There are so many places to book your next (or first!) rental. In upcoming articles we will list many specific sites, but for now, here are some searches you might try any of these links. They will take you to a search for vacation home rentals.


So many amenities

Vacation rental homes come with incredible amenities frequently, in warmer climates, including a private swimming pool, spa, or both. Even the town houses rentals often have a small private pool. Other amenities include high-speed internet, private theatre rooms, games rooms with games like air hockey, billiards, foosball, and others. Many have a clothes washer and dryer, blu-ray players, large televisions, and many more. And that’s without mentioning all the amenities that the resort the home might be in has to offer. Many vacation rental homes are part of a larger resort with incredible pools, lazy rivers, sports courts, movie theatres, water slides, tikis bars, clubhouses, restaurants, fitness centers, arcades, and more.

Your rental home is your refuge

A vacation home rental is your home while you are on vacation. It is a private sanctuary where you can relax and get away from the things of the day. Even on vacation there are things we like to be apart from at times. So often it is nice to escape to our own space even if it is just a hotel room. But when you are in an entire home all your own, you may find that escape is more of a focus. You will surely find your vacation rental to be a refuge.

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