With warmer weather arriving and summer right around the corner it is time to make arrangements for those prized summer vacations. When looking into accommodations most vacation planners automatically think in terms of lodging at a motel or hotel. However, opting for a vacation home rental is a great one for families and can make the traveling experience much more enjoyable than staying at a standard motel.

Summer Summer Summertime!

3 - A Home

One reason you should decide to stay at a vacation home rental is that it is your home away from home. Unlike a hotel room that only offers basic toiletries and bland coffee, a home rental has just about everything you need to customize your stay. Below are some items that a rental will usually have (beyond what a hotel has) to make your stay more complete:


  • dining ware
  • dining table
  • cutlery
  • cooking ware
  • appliances such as microwaves, stoves, coffee maker, and refrigerators

2 - Better sleep

Vacation home rentals also make for more comfortable sleeping arrangements. Regular hotel rooms can usually house a family of four with the standard configuration. Rollaway beds can be rented for additional members, but there are only so many beds that can be rolled into that 325 square feet of space. And if one person happens to be a snorer, everyone suffers. When renting a vacation home, you can select a rental that has enough bedding for all of those in your traveling party. You can also select how many bedrooms you would like within your vacation home. Separate bedrooms allow for more privacy as well as a more restful sleep at night.

1 - Space!

One the best perks of renting a vacation home is the space factor. There is ample space to sleep, space to dine, and space to relax. When staying in a motel, there simply isn’t the room to do these different things comfortably; motel rooms can make a family feel cramped within a matter of minutes. With a vacation rental home you can spend time with your family and yet feel relaxed for the entire duration of your trip.

James Stacy