So you found the perfect spot for the right price. Congrats. Now let’s look at the 3 steps to insure that your vacation goes off without a hitch.

1) Read The Contract from Beginning to the End

I know, who wants to read all the contract regulations of renting a vacation home? But in order to insure your vacation goes off without any unsuspected surprises or “oopsies” then you will need to read the contract from beginning to the end. Most people think everything is included in the price such as

  • water
  • air conditioning
  • pool heat
  • cleaning
  • cable
  • internet

Of course a lot of these or all of them might be included in the price but wouldn’t you want to know before you sign? Go through the contract and highlight anything that you are not sure about. Also if there are additional costs that could be added on then find out how much the average is so you can at least make sure you do not get sticker shock when the final bill is handed to you.

After you finished with the contract think of things that you do not see that you thought should be there such as is the kitchen fully stocked, is an outdoor grill provided, can I pay for maid service. Make a checklist of your questions so you are prepared.

Also make sure the contract has main contact person with a phone number so you have someone you can call in case a problem does arise.

2) Make a Quick Video at Check In

Avoid problems at checkout when renting a vacation home by having a video of the place before taking over the place. Nothing fancy just take your phone or camcorder and go throughout the entire house as well as the outside. Video everything from the closets to the cupboards. This way you will have documentation of everything for which you are responsible which always makes the last step easier: the checkout.

3) Schedule a Walk Through before Check Out

I know what a pain, but when renting a vacation home this is a must if you can because having them walk the property with you right before you leave insures that there are no hidden problems before leaving. This will prevent any unexpected charges that are taking out of your deposit because if you are not there to refute then how can you say that it was there or not there. If you cannot get a walk through then definitely video everything again before leaving.

James Stacy